Kind of hate how this came out, so I’m gonna say it’s a work in progress.


Bless this Mess

Handlettering with chalk on painted wooden pallet

Brooklyn, December, 2013


The gift that keeps on giving. Join the Cowboy House Correspondence Club at our store today.

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My girlfriend, wegoingplaces, made this. No big deal.




Brooklyn, NY. October, 2013.

Side note - I’m sure you’re all getting super confused about me bouncing back and forth between photography and isometrics. Sorrynotsorry.

For @fredfrancessucks

Turns out doing this with serif fonts is a lot more difficult and even more gratifying.

Ahhhhh shit! Got my own little wet lab set up in my apartment over the weekend, so I can promise y’all some more updates. Feels so good to be back in the darkroom…even if it is just my bathroom.